Monday, 21 March 2016

Disposable Helium Tanks or Hired Helium Tanks?

Need helium for a party? What is the best option?

Both types of tanks or cylinders come in a size that does 50 balloons but there is a pretty big difference between the two options. We have compared a disposable tank for 50 balloons to a DIY 50 balloon kit from a balloon store. Take a look through our comparison chart to find out just what the differences are.

                                                 Disposable Cylinders            Hired Helium Cylinders

Amount  of Helium in Tank          .42 cubic meters                   .6 cubic meters  
                                                                                                  over 42% more

Choice of balloon colours                      No                                          Yes 

Matching coloured ribbons                    No                                          Yes 

Recyclable                                   Not in Australia at              Cylinders are returned
                                                   time of comparison               to store to be refilled 
                                                 so may unfortunately
                                                       add to landfill

Float time                                          5-7 hrs plus                        12-15 hrs plus  
                                                     Included balloons              With premium balloons 
                                                                                                included in kit from a
                                                                                               speciality balloon store   

Security bond required                          No                                           Yes  

Balloon clips included                             No                                           Yes

Refillable                                                No                                            Yes

            DIY helium balloon kits are available from our store in Carlingford, Sydney.
                                          Click here for information on our kits.

Disposable tanks that you don't have to return are convenient in that you won't have to make a return trip to the store, but you get a lot less helium and greatly reduced float time. Yes, you only need the balloons to float for a few hours but do you really want to leave inflating your balloons till the very last minute when there are always so many other last minute jobs when planning a party.