Monday, 25 March 2013

Theme Party Ideas

The theme you pick for your party can have a big impact on how keen everyone is to join in. If you choose something too difficult or limiting some of your guests may not even bother. Make sure when you send out your invitations that you encourage people to think outside the square. There are ways to improve on many popular themes, take a look through the following ideas.


Don't forget not everyone is comfortable in Lycra or Spandex. Give your guests a bit more scope, maybe make the theme just heroes or heroes and villains. For something different you could even encourage them to come up with there own slightly dodgy superhero.

Sound of Music

Don't just stick to the characters. There's heaps of obscure ideas hidden within the song lyrics. (When the dog bites, when the bee stings, brown paper packages tied up with string, white dresses with blue satin ribbons).

Initial Parties

Getting your guests to come as something starting with the first letter of your name is quite common but you may like to think about using your first and surname initials to give people a few more options.

Colour Parties

Challenge yourself with this one. Decorate your party with one colour only, start with balloons, streamers, table covers, candles then see what else you can find in the right colour. Get creative with your menu, think up food and cocktails to serve in the same colour. Have your guests come in full costume in your chosen colour or let the less enthusiastic come with a touch of colour.


This is a great idea if your birthday is in the colder months, and there's plenty of ways to keep warm if you don't have room for an indoor party. Suggest they come as anything to do with the winter, cold or cold places. For costumes think ski gear, Snow White, Snow Monkeys, Ice Hockey. Get the brazier or fire set up and serve cheese fondue and mulled wine.

Famous Duos, Groups or Couples

To make this theme fun and get everybody mingling you randomly pick who each of your guests is to dress as then when they arrive they need to seek out who they are matched with. This is a great way to introduce different groups of friends who may not have met before. If you don't want to make this a full on dress up party you can just send your guests their chosen characters nametag and they can just wear the tag, it will still get them talking to each other.

Think up your own theme

Browse through any costume shop catalogue and see what you can come up with. Visit our costume ideas page here. Happy planning.