Wednesday, 6 April 2011

How to make a helium balloon arch

Recently a customer of ours who was hiring a DIY helium balloon kit asked us how to make a balloon arch. These look impressive and are very simple once you know how. Here are the instructions I wrote up for her.

What you will need

Helium, Balloons, Template*,  Fishing line, Two weights,
Curling ribbon (optional), Two chairs (optional)

Step 1

Determine the approximate size of your arch and how many balloons you need.
For an arch as tall as it is wide (0.5 x height) + width = length
For an arch wider than it is tall height + width = length
For an arch taller than it is wide 2 x height + width = length
Length divided by the diameter of your balloons = Balloons required

Step 2

Place two chairs back to back at least the length of your arch,** tie fishing line between the chairs allowing plenty extra to later attach to your weights.

Step 3

Inflate your first balloon and tie the balloon neck directly  around the fishing line. (don’t tie the fishing line around the balloon) if you find it easier to hold you may like to knot the balloon once then knot it again around the line.
Keep going with the rest of your balloons spacing them evenly as you go and using a sizing template so they look uniform.
If you wish you can now attach curling ribbons to the balloons, any ribbon needs to be tied between the knot and the end lip not between the knot and the inflated part.

Step 4

Remove one end of the fishing line from the chair and tie it to a weight then repeat with the other end. If you need to even up the spacing between the balloons you should be able to gently slide the balloons along the fishing line.

*All of our DIY helium balloon kits include a sizing template. Alternatively you can make your own by cutting a square in a cardboard box which your balloons need to fit through. Size the template according to the balloons you are using.
**If you have plenty of space you may like to loop the fishing line between the two chairs tying the two ends together that way you can stay in one spot and just slide the fishing line and balloons along as you go.

You will find a photo of a completed arch amongst the balloon photos on our website